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Range of application:

Sorption cooling solutions are particularly expedient and economically viable if waste heat of production or electricity generation processes or solar thermal heat is used for driving the process.

High heating temperatures, temperate cooling temperatures and moderate ambient temperatures facilitate the application and reduce the technical effort for sorption chillers. Table 1 exemplary shows the thermal COPs for different temperature lifts (difference between cooling and ambient temperature). For cooling applications below 0°C the refrigerant water can not be used. Ammonia/water is the appropriate working pair for these applications.

Table SEQ Tabelle \* ARABIC 1
Cooling application Air-cooling, process cooling Air-conditioning with dehumidification Food storage Frozen food storage, Ice production
Temperature difference between ambience and cooling application (tA-t0) = 3…8 K (tA-t0) =8…20 K0 (tA-t0) = 20…30 K (tA-t0) = 30…60 K
Thermal COP 0,7 … 1,4 0,5 … 1,2 0,4 … 0,6 0,2 … 0,4
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