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The Green Chiller Association for Sorption Cooling e.V., Berlin, Germany was formed in March 2009 as German Association to promote and develop the solar and thermal cooling markets.

The new association represents around 60% of all European manufacturers of sorption chillers in the small and medium-scale cooling capacity range. Most of them are based in Germany. All closed sorption technologies like absorption cooling (working pair’s water/lithium bromide and ammonia/water) and adsorption cooling (water/silica gel and water/zeolith) are offered by the members. In general, the Green Chiller association would like to force a strong lobby work to increase the awareness for these innovative sorption cooling technologies in politics, industry, trade and the public. Moreover, the members have identified the following main objectives of the association:

Promoting and developing of the solar and thermal cooling markets in Germany and Europe
Demonstration of different applications
Development of design tools
Standardisation of chillers and solar cooling / thermal cooling systems

One important target for developing the solar cooling market is to create the basis for funding of solar cooling systems. Therefore, a standardization of the solar cooling systems is necessary as well as the availability of design tools for planners and architects.
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