umweltvorteile mit greenchiller
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Handling the limited resources our home planet provides in a careful manner is a topic which was put on the agenda by the highest echelon of our economic and political representatives a long time ago.

Energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources are two important paths on the way to achieve protection of the environment and our climate. Both of these paths provide options to utilize thermal cooling in a beneficial way. These paths are also indispensable when it comes to aspects that play a role in energy and safety policies including how to handle the limited reserves of our natural resources. After all, an increasing portion of our jobs and wealth will depend on a leading position in terms of the development and marketing of the respective technologies as well as the value added chain of local energy systems.

Browse these pages to learn more about how sorption cooling, when used efficiently, can contribute to protect the environment and secure our energy supply in the future.
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